Frequently Asked Questions

KeyX is exclusively an installment lender. What does that mean?

Every KeyX loan will provide affordable payments that include both principal and interest.

Do I need a certain credit score to qualify for a loan?

No, we don’t have a credit score requirement. We look at your overall application and do our best to get you approved.

What are the main advantages of a KeyX installment loan?

There are several, including: (1) Much easier to qualify for than a bank or credit union loan, (2) 70% to 80% less expensive than a payday loan, (3) Your rate will never increase, (4) Affordable, flexible payments, and (5) We never hold your check.

Why is the average KeyX loan 75% less expensive than a payday loan?

As a long established installment lender, KeyX has a much larger loan volume, lower overhead, and lower default rate than most payday loan stores. These factors allows us to provide our customers personal installment loans at a dramatically lower cost.

Can KeyX help me re-establish my credit?

Yes, once you have been a KeyX loan customer for three months or more, we will be pleased to provide you a personal credit reference, either by phone or in writing.

If my loan is paid off, and I have a good payment history, do I need to re-apply to borrow again?

Not at all; just ask for a cash advance, and we’ll cut you a check. We may request an updated paystub or bank statement, but you never have to re-apply.

Is there a guarantee of how much I can save with a KeyX loan?

Yes, every KeyX Consolidation Loan or Credit Line of $1,500 or more is guaranteed to be at least 70% lower cost than a payday loan. Depending on loan amount your savings can range from 70% to over 90%!