2716 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

A word from our Founder

At KeyX Financial we truly believe in the people of Utah. Your financial well being matters to us.

Simply put, our company exists for only one reason; to provide Utah consumers a reliable and convenient source of personal credit that is dramatically more affordable and user friendly than other common sources.

Utah is our home base, and we love living here. Be assured, if you come to us for a personal loan, we will treat you like a friend and neighbor. We will also try our very best to get you approved for the loan you need. You have my word on that.


Mark R. Mowatt
Founder & CEO

About us

KeyX Financial is a Utah-based installment loan company, committed to helping Utah consumers dramatically lower their cost of personal credit. Founded in 1999, KeyX has years of experience serving thousands of loan customers.

Our guiding principles are integrity, honesty, loyalty, fairness, and respect for others. We strive to live these principles every day in everything we do.

We are proud to be a Gephardt Approved lender. You can find more information about our company and our Gephardt Guarantee at GephardtApproved.com.

Our loan services include personal installment loans and credit lines from $1,000 to $5,000. In addition we are the leading provider of payday loan consolidations, designed to eliminate all your payday loans (up to $10,000).

Our Mission:

Help Utah consumers dramatically lower their cost of personal credit.

Our Service:

KeyX is exclusively an installment lender, meaning every KeyX loan provides affordable payments, that include both interest and principal.

Our Motto:

Treat others as you would want to be treated.

KeyX Financial is an Active Member of (AFSA)

American Financial Services Association.

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