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KeyX Financial is Gephardt Approved

KeyX Financial UT is a long established installment loan company, which I have thoroughly investigated, and which I trust.

My investigative team has checked out not only the business, but also the owner and his background. We looked at the business licensing, court records, patterns of complaints (couldn’t find any), and the way they treat their customers. The results of all of that lead me to trust KeyX Financial UT. I now stand behind this company, and endorse them. I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

Founder and owner, Mark Mowatt explains that in 1999 he had a vision for a financial institution that focused on people and their individual circumstances, rather than numbers on a piece of paper. "We meet personally with each loan applicant. Many times, regardless of a low credit score, we are able to approve our clients for a very affordable loan."

"We focus on people, not numbers on a piece of paper."

KeyX is not a bank or credit union, and they never offer payday or title loans. KeyX is exclusively an installment lender, meaning every KeyX loan provides affordable payments that include both interest and principal.

Mark says many clients come to KeyX under extreme financial stress, from multiple, very high cost payday loans. His trained staff will quickly assess and organize the client’s finances, with the goal of paying off all their payday loans. Mark impressed me as having a true passion for his work. He promises, "Every KeyX loan must provide an obvious benefit and savings to the customer, or we won’t make the loan!"

I confirmed that KeyX Financial is an active member of the American Financial Services Association (www.afsaef.org). AFSA, based in Washington, DC, is the leading national trade association for the consumer credit industry.

"Every KeyX loan must provide an obvious benefit and savings to the customer, or we won’t make the loan!"

So, now you know what my investigations into this company have revealed. You know the owner’s mission, why I trust KeyX, and why I am proud to stand behind and endorse this company. And finally, you know why I’m proud to declare KEYX FINANCIAL UT GEPHARDT APPROVED.

Bill Gephardt

KeyX Financial is an Active Member of (AFSA)

American Financial Services Association.

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Gephardt Approved