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Affordable Loans Since 1999    •    Check out our Google Reviews!
  • Guaranteed 60% to 80% lower cost than a payday loan!
  • If you already have payday loans, we can pay those off!
  • Draw funds whenever you need - no cash advance fees!
  • Pay back any time - no early payment fees!
  • Monthly Reporting to Build your Credit!
  • General Requirements
  • Resident of Utah
  • Min. $2000/mth in W-2 income
  • Active employment & phone
  • Active bank account & direct deposit
If you don’t have exactly the requirements listed, let us know and we’ll still try to help.
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This Application is a loan pre-qualification request and I understand that processing of same may include a soft-pull credit report or other data base info which does not affect my credit history or credit report. If my loan request receives preliminary approval, I further authorize KeyX Financial to run a regular credit report as needed for possible final approval, and if approved and issued, to run updates of such credit or data base info, as may be needed to service my account in the future. By typing my name below, I confirm my authorization as above.

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